Charlene Kate Ditch

My name is Charlene Kate Ditch, and I am a Filipino-born derived US citizen who came to the states when I was 8 years old. Making the most of my opportunities, I began to work at a young age and have never looked back. Throughout, there has been one constant theme: I love to create experiences. It was a natural fit for me to become an event marketer, however, my path was anything but conventional. From the humble beginnings of a marketing admin came the opportunity to plan events for a company called Moz that would change my life and career path.

I managed and grew Moz’s annual international user-conference, MozCon, a 3-day marketing conference. It was designed around experiences, not just content. Around emotion, not just metrics. I understand that in order to increase brand awareness and drive engagement, you must first connect the hearts of your community to the soul of your brand.