About Charlene Kate Events


Leave the details to us

Charlene Kate Events is a small firm by design. Working with a small number of clients allows us to build strong relationships, be proactive, and prioritize responsiveness to clients at all stages of the process. Known for our outstanding customer service, we do everything we can to help you stay focused on growing your businesses and not worrying over event details.

We enjoy the challenge of building events for all sorts of companies, especially those with no event planning or marketing experience. If you’ve never planned an annual event, let us help you create a vision, set goals, manage budgets, and execute an on-brand experience that participants remember.

About Charlene Ditch

A big picture thinker with an eye for detail

Charlene Ditch kicked off a career in event marketing by managing and growing MozCon, a three-day marketing conference for marketing professionals across the globe. Instead of designing the event solely around metrics like attendance rates and revenue, she also chose to focus on creating memorable experiences. Her approach worked and within one year, conference attendance spiked to 1200 from 750 and 20% more women turned out for the event.

It is Charlene’s view that to increase brand awareness and drive engagement, you must first connect the hearts of your community to the soul of your brand. This approach informs every event her firm has had the pleasure of facilitating, from digital marketing’s Call to Action Conference to mobile technology’s Customer Love Summit.

Our Approach

At Charlene Kate Events, we see event planning as a chance to create engaging, thoughtful experiences that people want to share with the World. After all, there’s no better way to spread your company message than through the voice of your customer.

We believe that the best events start with a solid understanding and visualization of event objectives. With this awareness, we can connect each detail to both your goals as a company and the experience of those who attend the event. We know that this might sound daunting — especially if your company has never hosted an event before — but we can help you create a vision for the event that aligns with your brand. After that, we’ll take care of the finer details of execution (what we do best) so you can keep growing your company (what you do best).

Of course, executing a vision takes planning, timing, and teamwork with all involved. That’s why we work hard to ensure everyone, from staff to vendors, is on the same page. It helps to have trusted vendors across the continent who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

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